Elemental Swords Mod

Elemental Sword PE mod for Minecraft PE add 9 new swords in your game. They are not only look good, but also have special effect.Ech of them have a different effect. If you take someone sword you will see new bottom on your interface.

support Minecraft PE 1.2

List of Swords

  1. Jungle sword — he makes very strong wave, this is mass atack and all mobs, who stay nearly you, bekomes damage.
  2. Ocean sowrd — with this sword you can spell water damage. It very good for distans atack.
  3. Air sword — he can change mob gravity. Just atack mob with him and you can bring up this mob and push him, than he will fly and bekome some damage.
  4. Storm Sword — he has very strong mass damage, just click with him on few mobs and you will strong force throw up all this mobs. I dont envy them.
  5. Fire sword — is my favourit sword. If you attack with him mob this mob bekome damage and burn. And if you want make mass fire attack you can tap on new bottom ( down right ) and huge fire wave kills all mobs around.
  6. Lava sword — he makes not mass atack, only person. If you tap with this sword one mob than he burn and throw up.
  7. Thunder sword — if you take him and tap on new bottom a huge thunder bekome to area around you and than will be big explosion and you destroy many blocks.


  • Fire Sword (700) – 2 flint & steel + 1 stick
  • Air Sword (701) – 2 glass blocks + 1 stick
  • Water Sword (702) – 2 water buckets + 1 stick
  • Dirt Sword (703) – 2 moss stones + 1 stick
  • Lava Sword (704) – 8 lava buckets + 1 fire sword
  • Ocean Sword (705) – 8 water buckets + 1 water sword
  • Jungle Sword (706) – 8 leaves + 1 dirt sword
  • Storm Sword (707) – 8 iron ingots + 1 air sword
  • Thunder Sword (708) – 1 lava sword + 8 diamonds


you can see in this case fire sword

on this picture you see powerful air sword

after attack mobe become die

Stowm sword do it this effect

I very sympathize mobs who was attack with Lava sword, it is very paintful

Changelog v.4.7

  • New elements
  • New textures
  • Optimized
  • Updated for 1.2

how install?


for Minecraft PE 1.2 +

DOWNLOAD: elemental-sword 7.4.modpkg [198,49 Kb]

for MCPE 1.0[0.17.0]

DOWNLOAD: elemental-sword-pe-v7.3.modpkg [192,48 Kb]

DOWNLOAD: elemental-sword-pe-v7.2.modpkg [192,38 Kb]

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