Especial Armor mod

Especial Armor mod for Minecraft PE adds a new six set of armor in your game. Different armor can give you some affects. For example you can jump higher or breathe under water.

author: Wartave

How to get new especial armor?

You have two ways. If you play survival mode you need to craft them, but if you have creative mod you can just find it in your inventory.

What the special abilities of armor and CRAFT ( in spoiler )

TNT armor – you become more power


Ice armor – this armor gives your weapons slow affect


Jump armor – you will jump like on the trampoline


Flash armor – you will move faster


Diving armor: you will able to breathe under water


Fire armor – your weapon will burn the enemy and you get fire resistance


How to instal?

  • then you have to import this mod
  • download Blocklauncher
  • download Minecraft PE
  • open Blocklauncher and tap on the wrench
  • that is all!

support MCPE 1.0 [0.17.0]

DOWNLOAD: especial-armor.modpkg [108,02 Kb] (count: 56)

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