More bears mod

More bears mod

More Bears mod adds bears in Minecraft Pocket Edition. Also you can get leather this new mobs and make special armors. This mobs look very funny and they can make your game more interesting and different.

author: Wartave

How to spawn a bears?

They will appear automatically in different bioms.

  1. Americanus Bear – Extreme Hills Biomes.
  2. Panda Bear – jungle biomes.
  3. Bear Grizzli – you can find them in forests.
  4. Malayo bear – Taiga bioms.

How to craft new armors?

Malayo leggings

Malayo Helmet

Malayo chastplate

Malayou boots

Grizzli helmet

Grizzli leggins

Grizzli boots

Grizzli chestplate

Panda leggings

Panda chastplate

Panda boots

Panda Helmet

Here you can see this sweet creators.

So I give present this really awesome mod and I think you will like it.

How to install?

  1. then you have to import this mod
  2. also take such action with Blocklauncher
  3. At first you need to download and instal Minecraft PE
  4. open Blocklauncher and tap on wrench
  5. end!

for Minecraft PE 1.0 [0.17.0]


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