PokeCraft Mod

PokeCraft Mod

PokeCraft Mod for Minecraft PE adds 20 Pokémon and you need to catch them. It should remind you the game Pokémon GO and you will right. I thing the developer of this mod was very inspired by that popular Android game. Also it adds new amazing structures in your MCPE.

Author: RedStudios, Twitter Account

Update: 26.12.2016

Support: Minecraft PE 1.0

How use this mod?

Pokémon will automatically and randomly spawn in your world. You have to take special item Poke Ball (ID 1000) and then threw the ball on Pokémon to catch him.

You have to know to not every cast can succeeded. You have only chance to you catch him.

You can catch not more 6 Pokémon. To summon caught mob you have to type in chat the letter «r»

Also as I already said, you will come across to some strange structures. Unfortunately in this mod version they are useless. But you can capture them and make your house.

How to install?

  • At first you need to download Minecraft PE and Blocklauncher
  • Then you have to extract resource pack ( I recomennd you use this app )
  • Copy resource pack on your device in this folder — /games/com.mojang/minecraftpe/
  • Enter in Blocklauncher and install mod and texture
  • restart Blocklauncher
  • that is all!

For Minecraft PE 1.0 [0.17.0]

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