Portal 2 mod [r015]

Portal 2 mod [r015]

Portal 2 mod for Minecraft PE adds new weapons, boots, turret, jukebox, radio and other interesting things. This modification based on popular game Portal. Here you can see the gun which builds teleports, another weapon can change mobs gravity and you just pick up and throw some mob. Also you get the disk and music box

Author: Desno365 https://twitter.com/desno365

How to use this mod?

The first gun which I want present you is «PortalGun Wood & Stone (3655)». When you equip it you will see the new interface and two blue and orange buttons. They create the portals. Simple just tap on one button and you make some portal then you must put another button for second portal. Through them you can quickly teleportation.


What is that Portal Gun?

This is the weapon which can pick up block and replace it or just shoot it. Also exist the other variations of this portal gun. The uses a different recipe and has a different strength.

1 ) Portal Gun (3651) regular

2) Gold portal gun (3652) is the little bit weaker than regular one but still works the same. You can use it 500 times.

3) Iron portal gun (3653) is the weaker then gold portal gun. You can use it 250 times.

4) Lava portal gun (3654) is weaker then iron portal gun. You can use it only 200 times.

What is that Gravity gun?

You will have ability to shoot mobs or just pick up and replace. Just tap on the some mob and you can manage. You will see two buttons drop and shoot.


You have to place down turret (3658) and it protects you from the enemy. Also you can take in your hand item Turrets Options (3657) and tap on turret. You will see menu. Here you can make turret aggressive or remove it.

Radio (3661)

This is awesome block just turn on him an and will listen a music. If you will far away it just disappears.

Portal Jukebox (84)

This block plays music too. Tap on it and you can pick the songs. Just tap on him and stop the music if you want.

Jumper (3665)

Place down it and jump onto than you will fly like on the trampoline.

Repulsion Gel Block (230)

You can make orange and blue Repulsion Gel Blocks. Blue one include function trampoline. The orange block accelerates your speed on 40%.

Long Fall Boots (3660)

This is the last block about which I tell you. If you dress that you will be protect from fall damage.


Long Fall Boot (3659) – 2 iron ingots + 2 redstones

Long Fall Boots (3660) – 2 long fall boot

How to install Portal 2 mod Minecraft PE?

  • find the wrench on the top
  • Download Blocklauncher and open it
  • import this mod

support Minecraft PE 1,0 (0.17.0)


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