Golem World PE

Golem World PE for Minecraft PE adds new golems in your game. There are about 40 mobs. You have to build them with your own hands and after it they come to life. You have to know, this mobs will protect you from enemy. You can make a big army your bodyguards and capture the MCPE World!

author: wartave (twitter)

How to build golems?

  • Step 2. You will craft Paper of Awakening and tap on golem which you have built.
  • Step 1.First at all you build a golem (I think you know how to do it, if not, you can see on picture below the structure of golem)
  • Step 3. Golem will revive!

Paper of Awakening (519) – 4 redstones + 4 glowstone dust + 1 paper

Foe example I want to show you how I make Ice golem. We start build one leg, body and two hands. All blocks are ice block. Then you need to put Pumpkin as a head, but you cannot put it on ice block. So you need as body your golem put oak wood planks ( this is example ) and then will destroy it and put ice block on this place. Then you have craft Paper of Awakening, take it in hand and tap on the golem.

On this screenshots you can see how many golems you can make. It is great! All of them look awesome and very different from one another.

As I said already Golems can attack and defeat you. If they see enemy they just start attack. For example they very hate spider or pigmens. Your bodyguards can give about 20 damage attack. Really cool!


How to install?

for Minecraft PE 1.1

DOWNLOAD: golem-world-pe-v8.modpkg [573,15 Kb] (count: 15)


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