Vladu11’s Firework Addon

Firework addon for Minecraft PE adds amazing firework. You can get it from villagers and celebrate any holiday better and richly. Actually this addon has replaced firework on snowball.

author: Vladu11(twitter)

version support MCPE 1.0/0.17.0

How you can obtain firework?

You have few ways to get it. The first and easy one is just come to any villagers and gets it. Also as we know to snowball has changed to firework and we can just shovel the snow and get it too. Other ways are get it through toolbox.

I want to show you how you can obtain firework from villager. When you come to him you have to long tap on him ( or right click if Windows device ) then you will see the new button «Give me a firework rocket». This is free functions and villagers give you it how much do you want.

How you can launch fireworks?

Take it in your hand and just tap on direction wherever you want. You will see beautiful colored particles. It seems awesome!

Also you need to know you must be careful! You can commit damage your health or somebody such as in real life.

how to instal?

  • open Minecraft PE and create new world
  • download two files below ( behavior and resource )
  • find them on your device and instal ( tap on them )
  • change the behavior and resource pack your new world

[for Minecraft PE 1.0]


older version ( for 1.0 )

You must download and instal this two files

DOWNLOAD: firework-behavior.mcpack [5,86 Kb] (count: 15)

DOWNLOAD: firework-resource.mcpack [34,72 Kb] (count: 12)

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