Time Control Mod

Time Control Mod

Time control mod Minecraft PE adds a couple special clock which help you accelerate and slow down the time! Also you can get some machine for protect yourself from enemies.

author: DSMO23

How to use this mod?

At first we need craft clocks. We require Space material. You need to find Endermen and it drop by him.

This is the recipe ( craft ) of Slow-mo Clock. It helps you slow down the game but you will faster than other mobs (important!)

The next craft is fast-mo Clock. It will make every think work faster including mobs. If you harry to somewhere it is good solution to not be late.

The other stuff of this mod is Portative Ultra-Fast-mo Protector

Here I show you recipe

So you need take it in your hand and put it on the ground, get on and tap it. You need wait few second before it will do. After you will see the especially glass around you and it will protect you from enemies. It will accelerate time too. Also you die inside the machine. Don’t be afraid you respawn will safely.


How to install?

  1. download Blocklauncher
  2. download this mod and unzip him
  3. you will see 2 files
  4. go in blocklauncher and tap onthe wrench
  5. then you need to import this files
  6. that is all!


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