Exp Chest PE Mod

Exp Chest PE Mod

Exp Chest PE Mod Minecraft PE adds a new chest where you can save your experience. You knew when you die you will lost your experience, but it so hard to get. I have one solution. This is special chests where you can put your experience and then just get it back.

How to use this mod?

There are two chests. I prefer Ender Exp Chests because you can make more bases.

  • Normal Exp Chest (240) – 1 chest + 2 gold ingots + 4 obsidians
  • Ender Exp Chest (241) – 2 ender pearls + 1 chest + 2 diamonds + obsidians

Place down your chest and tap on it. Now I want to save 100% experience. I adjust the slider and tap on button «store».

It you can see on screenshot below.

And now I want to get my experience back to me. I must to do the same work. So I craft Ender Exp Chest and tap on it and adjust the slider then I tap on «withdraw» button.

Now you will not scare die in MCPE. Experience is very important part. For example you can enchanting or anvils and in both situation you require it.

How to instal?

  • Finelly you have to import this mod
  • at first you have to download Blocklauncher ( at is spcial app for MCPE )
  • you will open it and tap on the wrench at the top
  • that it all!

DOWNLOAD: exp-chest-pe-v2.2.modpkg [45,33 Kb]


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