Dyeable Armor Mod

Dyeable Armor Mod (Android) for Minecraft PE let you dye your armor in different color, which you want. It is great possibility, because now you can have armor with many colors you want. Forget about cauldron, now you can do it very quickly and easy.

developers: Supreme9k

How to dye your armor in some color?

  • At first, put your armor to crafting table
  • Add dye, which you want
  • Work done!

Some screenshot with crafting ( I hope you understand how to do it ) For example, on this picture you can see easy way to dye your armor in green color

we recommend install this mod only for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.2 + versions DOWNLOAD: dyeable-armor-v1.modpkg [195,43 Kb]
Install with blocklauncher

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