Moldable Tools

Moldable Tools Mod for Minecraft PE adds 5 new orbs. This orbs can improve your items in MCPE. They will better, more quickly, more strong and power. For example you can very fast cut down trees with new axe and you will collect the wood resources much faster. Or another example is the new shovel. Digging is boring for you? Use new shovel and you will dig more productively.

author: Wartave (website)

last update support: MCPE 1.0

As a result you will survival such better and compostable. Why you need do this really boring job? Collect your time on something else much interesting than cut down the trees for example or digging.

How to use?

take any any orbs in your hand and destroy block. You will this to your orb change to improve item.

recipe wood orb

recipe diamond orb

Iron Orb

Moldable Dust

Gold orb

On this screenshots you can see your new items. They look awasome!

How to instal this mod?

  1. import this .modpkg
  2. download and install Blocklauncher
  3. enter in it and tap on the wrench
  4. play and enjoy!

for Minecraft PE 1.1 +

DOWNLOAD: moldable-tools-v0_2.modpkg [230,4 Kb] (count: 28)


old version

DOWNLOAD: moldable-tools-v0.1.modpkg [165,2 Kb] (count: 54)

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