Wireless Redstone Mod for Minecraft PE

Wireless Redstone Mod for Minecraft PE

Wireless Redstone Mod for Minecraft PE adds a few blocks for sending a redstone signal. The basic blocks in this mod is a transmitter and receiver. They help you to build some redstone mashine or mechanism.

Creator: umerkk164, Twitter Account

How to use it?

Now I am going explain to you what the blocks you get and how it works.

  • Block Placer (ID: 237) use it if you need place some blocks in front of him. ( but you need a chest behind it and you have to put blocks in it )
  • Iron (ID: 235) – Destroys 3 blocks
  • Block Breakers :
  • Repeater (ID: 238) can help you if you need send your signal more than 15 blocks range. (The signal length also 15 blocks)
  • Transmitter (ID: 231) can help you to send the redstone signal. (only 15 blocks range)
  • Receiver (ID: 232) this block gets a transmitter signal.
  • Block Breakers :Classic (ID: 234) – Destroys 1 block

    Iron (ID: 235) – Destroys 3 blocks

    Gold (ID: 236) – Destroys 6 blocks

  • Ammeter (ID:233) this is the instrument which show you the strength.

How works ammeter you can see on this screenshot.

This picture can show you how look block breakers.

Here you can see how works mod. We place down the transmitter which gives the signals to raeceiver and he get it.

how you can install this mod?

  1. import this texture and mod
  2. at first you need to download and install blocklauncher
  3. enter and tap on the wrench
  4. also you can see in zip file the map which shows you all redstone possibility

for Minecraft PE 1.0

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