Jeeps addon

Jeeps addon

Jeeps Addon for Minecraft PE adds a new car in your game. You can get in the car and can drive wherever you want. It is actually awesome way for traveling around your world more quickly and enjoyably.

Creator: Gona, (Twitter Account)

How to get the car and move?

It is very simple. A spider has been replaced on car. So you need just spawn a spider but you will see the car. Also you can choice different skin of the car.

Okey. You get the car. Now you need to go closer and make long tap on it. (or right click if you have Windows device ) After that you need the key to start the car. The key has been replaced on carrot on a stick.

Don’t afraid about dark at night. You have working lights and police will not stop you.

As I said already you can see two colors your car. There are Red and blue one. It seems beautiful.

how to install this adoon?

  1. instal this files ( tap on them and they install automatically in your MCPE )
  2. download addon and unzip him
  3. find 2 files ( resource pack and behavior )
  4. create new world and apply these files

for Minecraft PE 1.0

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