Dragon Craft Z Addon

Dragon Craft Z Addon for Minecraft PE based on famous Japanese anime cartoon. Addon adds new weapon, mobs and items. For fans this cartoon is a really good modification because you can immerse in this atmosphere and have fun with popular anime heroes.


update: 30.06.2017

what is new?

  • Added Black’s clothing and blade
  • Replaced names for items, mobs,
  • Trade with villagers for the Ki Attacks
  • fix bugs

Mobs, weapon and items

What the new mobs you can get?

  • Frieza’s Soldier
  • Saiyans – you have to expect on his magical ability ( in place of Skeletons & Strays )
  • Saibamen – this kind of mobs very strong together
  • I pay attention. This is addon and he can only change something in your game. So in brackets I write things which have been changed (originally mobs for example)
  • Majin Race this is very powerful and strong mob. Wither Skeletons has been change on him.
  • Frieza Race – also is very strong and dangerous ( replace Zombie Pigmen )
  • Namekians – you will see 3 kinds of this mobs. ( change Villagers )
  • Frieza’s Soldier 2 – this mob appear if you kill Namekian mob.


  • Z Sword – has been changed on Diamond Sword
  • Future Trunk’s Blade – is my favorite one, I like it. (instead Iron Sword)
  • Power Pole – it seems like a stick. (instead wooden sword)
  • Cursed Curved Blade – powerful weapon (instead Stone Sword)
  • Katana (Golden Sword) – it is a long sword(in place of Golden Sword)
  • Senzy Bean – this bean can heal you. (Golden Apple, Enchanted Apple)

Also this addon adds a new attack. For example Death Beam can commit a lot damages your enemies.

DOWNLOAD: dragon-craft-z-v3-1.mcpack [234,89 Kb] (count: 1)

DOWNLOAD: dragon-craft-z-v3-resources.mcpack [5,39 Mb] (count: 1)


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