Alex’s Home (Homepoints) Mod (Android)

Alex’s Home (Homepoints) Mod (Android) for Minecraft PE is great modification, which can helps you make home points for teleportation to this points. Why you have to spend your time to move around your world? You can easy add some point wherever you want and then, you can easy teleportation to this points. You need to know some commands to do it. How to teleportation?

  • /ah help – write this command and you will see all commands from this mod
  • /ah setspawn – make world spawn
  • /ah sh [name] – make a homepoint
  • /ah h [name] – Teleports you to your homepoint
  • /ah tutorial – Text tutorial for this mod

I recommend you try to use this mod, because you can get more satisfaction from game. Do not spend time on long way to home, use teleportation for it.

For Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.2 + DOWNLOAD: alexs-home.js [2,78 Kb]

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