Minions Addon

Minions Addon

Minions Add-on for Minecraft PE adds minions. They are yellow, little creatures from popular film. You can spawn them, tame, feed. Also they will protect you, accomplish some commands and attack your enemies. There are also evil minions.

Creator: Gona, Twitter Account

How to spawn and tame minions?

This new mob minion has been replaced by zombie pigman and you need to go to Nether to find them. Also you can just get the spawn eggs and it is work too.

Okey you see the minion. How to tame him? Take banana (has been replaced by carrot) in your hand, come to minion closer and tap on the button TAME. You have only a chance to taming and you need try do it few times.

Attention! You can tame only adult minions. But if you see the young one you can feed him with bananas until he will growth up.

Which commands you can give?

As I already said minions can accomplish different commands. You need to take some items from list below, come to mob and tap on the button.

  • Give him a axe = he will cut the trees.
  • Give him a sword = and he will kill mobs around
  • Give him a fishing rod = he will fishing
  • Give him a hoe = he will harvest
  • Give him a shovel = he will dig
  • Give him a pickaxe = he will mine

Work takes about 1-5 minutes and after it you need to come closer to him, put the button What you got? and get the resources.

Minion kills your enemies?

After taming he can help you with your enemies. Adult minion has good attack abilities.

There is evil minion

Also you will see the evil minions. They are hostile and want to kill you, yellow minions and another mobs. He has replaced by skeleton

how to install?

  1. go in MCPE and create new world
  2. download two files below
  3. tap on them
  4. in editing world change the behavior and recouce pack


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