Slenderman addon

Slenderman addon

Slenderman addon has changed creeper on slenderman. I think you know about this popular character. You can see him in games, movies or another media. He seems like ghost, because has not face. He always dressed a black suit. There are a lot legend and mythology about slenderman. But the most scary one is he very like kill the people even children.

How to use this addon?

As I said slenderman has been changed on creeper, but they have nothing common. If you attack or come close to slenderman you understand what I mean. He spawns randomly and automatically in your world.

How to get slenderman suit?

If you have courage and want to kill slenderman I very recommend you wear specially armor and take some new weapon. You will look like slenderman.

  • Insead Diamond Chestplate you will see Slender suit
  • Diamond Helmet will turn in Slender mask
  • Diamond Boots turn in Slender boots
  • Diamond has been changed in Childsoul
  • Diamond Sword has been replaced in Slendersword
  • Diamond Leggings changes in Slender leggings

What happened if you dare to attack slenderman?

At first become the dark and you will have very scary feelings. You cannot run away because he able to teleport to you very quickly. You will like a blind man. Do you want still do it?

how to install?

  • open MCPE and create new world
  • download two files below
  • tap on them and install
  • change the behavior and resource packs on these

For Minecraft PE 1.0

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