Morph mod

Morph Mod for Minecraft PE (ShapeShifter Mod) gives to you possibility to morph in any mob in your world. You get some item and you need just come to interesting mob and tap on him. That is all! Do you want be a pig, cow, ship, ghast or maybe skeleton? This mod turn your body in that mob in one click ( or tap ) That is easy.

How to use this mod?

As you install this mod and join in your world you will see the new item in your hand. You need find any mob and just tap that item on any mob.

Now you can see on few screenshots which I made them for you.

This modification can help you change your coat very quickly and easy. Do not forget go to menu of game and change third-person view.

Unfortunately in this mod version you will not see the menu of mobs. I know is more comfortable but please satisfied with this.

How to turn back in Steve? There is only one way – turn of the mod in Blocklauncher.

How to install this mod?

for Minecraft PE 1.0/0.16.x

DOWNLOAD: morph_mod.js [3,86 Kb] (count: 12)

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