Jukebox mod

Jukebox Mod for Minecraft PE adds a Jukebox and music disks. Do you want have fun in MCPE or maybe you want just listen some songs? This modification is for you.

made by: Desno365

How to use mod?

If you do not know how use mod you can just walk up to jukebox and hit it with empty hand. You will see some information about how to play music, how to get the disk and everything like that.

How to craft jukebox

You need 8 planks and 1 diamond. After that you place down your music box whenever you want


How you can get the disk?

You cannot craft it in survival mode. You need kill the hostile mobs and you have a chance find a disk. There are 12 disks with different music.

You have to know it:

  • To get the disk in survival mode you have a change to grab it from hostile mobs. If you play in creative you can just go in your inventory and you will see all disks.
  • To turn on the music you need take a disk in hand and tap on jukebox.
  • To turn off the music you need tap on the jukebox and it is stop ( you will see the disk lay on it )
  • The volume of music will change if you far or close towards jukebox.


How to install?

For Minecraft 1.0 / 0.16.x / 0.15.x


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