More Mobs (Beta)

More mobs is addon for Minecraft PE which adds more creators into your world such as Pirats, Cave Shulkers, Endermenace, Sven, etc. Each of the mob has unique skills. You can spawn mobs very easy with special commands.

recommend you type command to get instruction:
/function more_mobs/help


  1. new mobs will be added by this addon
  2. mobs will be spawn by the commands
  3. addon supports the latest Minecraft PE version

How to spawn new mobs?
To get any of the mob you need to write the commands:
/function more_mobs/summon/ and name of the mob in the end.

For example
/function more_mobs/summon/zombie_miner
list of the mobs:

  • zombie miners
  • Cave Shulkers
  • Pirates
  • Endermenace
  • Skitter

Download addon New mobs for Minecraft PE 1.12/1.13 +
DOWNLOAD: more-mobs-beta.mcpack [17.12 Kb]

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