More Nether Creatures

More Nether Creatures Addon for Minecraft PE adds 4 new mobs such as Nether Creeper, Nether Golem, Skeleton Spider, Worm. They will be very dangerous and hostile creates. Each of them will have different health and damage attack. For example new Nether creeper will have 4 time bigger explosion then original one.


  1. addon includes 4 new hostile mobs
  2. they will live in Nether
  3. mobs will be very dangerous and powerful
  4. addon fully supports the latest Minecraft version of the game

all mobs from this addon you will be able to find below

download More Nether Creatures for Minecraft PE 1.12/1.13 +
DOWNLOAD: more-nether-craeatures.mcaddon [2.08 Mb]

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