Portal Gun Addon

Portal Gun Addon for Minecraft PE adds portal gun into your world. This is kind of weapon which will create portals and you will be able much quicker travel around your world. This addon is based on famous game Portal.


How to craft portal gun?
to craft the special weapon which will make portal see recipe below

How create portals?
At first you need to get portal gun. First shoot will create blue portal, second shoot will create orange portal ( long pressing ) Note that you can create portals everywhere you want. For example you can create portal at home, go to trip and very quickly teleportation to home back, doesn’t matter wherever you are. Have fun!

download portal gun addon for Minecraft PE 1.12
DOWNLOAD: portalgun-behavior-pack.mcpack [19.7 Kb]
DOWNLOAD: portalgun-resource-pack.mcpack [122.24 Kb]

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