Elemental Weapons

Elemental Weapons for Minecraft PE will add 12 new weapon into your world. Each of sword will be unique. New weapons can have next power: atomic wave, Blast quake, Earth shaker, Hail master, Polar winds, etc. You can have all of them in your inventory and use if you will have different situation.

How to get new weapons?

you need to collect the next stones:

  • Smooth stone
  • Smooth granite
  • Smooth diorite
  • Smooth granite

to craft weapons you should:

  1. Place down an “Amalgam pillar”.
  2. Add 4 spell tiles to the amalgam pillar.
  3. Add a diamond sword to the pillar to complete the crafting process.
  4. Simply take the item from the pillar to receive your elemental weapon.

some weapons you will be able to find on screenshots beliw


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