Dragon Addon

This addon for Minecraft PE will add black dragon into your game. You will be able to tame and ride on the dragon. The main feature of the dragon is that he is able to should fireballs.

How to spawn the dragon?
If you want to spawn a dragon and tame him, you should kill wild dragon at first

1) kill wild dragon
2) then you need to use 3 items: Soul_sand, totem, Potion of Healing
3) then the dragon will be changed to an egg.
4) wait a little but until egg become a baby dragon ( he will grow up by himself)

How to tame the dragon?
feed the dragon with salmon

how to ride the dragon?
you can ride only adult dragon. You need put a saddle

how to should fireballs ?
fly with the dragon, you should to idle mid airor the look around interaction button after that you should to hold a blaze rod and interact again to the dragon

Download dragon addon for Minecraft PE 1.13


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