HIDWOODS addon for Minecraft PE adds new mobs, items, blocks, biomes and many other staff. You will see completely new Overworld and do not recognize your old Minecraft. The main feature of this addon is many new mobs: fishes, animals, reptiles, birds.


  • addon will add 3 new biomes with unique features (plants, forest and hills)
  • many new mobs will be added such as Acrilon, Phy, Carnivorous plant, Kobu, Licamas, Midolin,,etc)
  • new blocks: Mud blocks and compacted mud blocks; Lica block, Ehanced Lica block, Aephyr ore, etc.
  • new trees

Download HIDWOODS for Minecraft PE 1.13/1.14
DOWNLOAD: hidwoods-v1_1_3.mcaddon [11.66 Mb]


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