Over Powered Swords Addon

Over Powered Swords Addon for Minecraft PE will add 6 unique swords. Each of them has some unique ability. For example the most powerful is The End Sword with 100 damage and you can give regeneration buff. Another kind of sword is The Nocturnal Sword-deals with 45 damage and absorption buff. The most lower sword is dungeon sword with 14 damage.

addon adds 6 swords with different damage and unique ability

how to get swords?
you can craft them with recipes below or you can download new world with creative mode and find them in your inventory

screenshots you will be able to find below

download addon Over powered sword for Minecraft PE 1.13/1.14 +
DOWNLOAD: op-swordsv2_5-beh.mcpack [226.16 Kb]
DOWNLOAD: op-swordsv2_5-res.mcpack [239.53 Kb]

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