Tropical Craft 2 addon

Tropical Craft 2 addon for Minecraft PE will change your world into tropical region. You will see new tropical mobs, biomes, trees, foods, new texture, blocks, even structures!


  • This addon implement into your game tropical region, warm warm weather, palms, bananas, new mobs like frogs, etc.
  • Addon will support the latest Minecraft PE version

What will be added?

  • 4 mobs (fish, frog, indian, heron)
  • 1 biome with unique structures
  • 4 new trees
  • 10 new food
  • new water texture
  • 15 new blocks

all screenshots you will be able to see below

addon Tropical Craft 2 for Minecraft PE 1.14
DOWNLOAD: tropicalcraft2.mcaddon [843.65 Kb]

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