Useless X-Ray Addon

Useless X-Ray Addon for Minecraft PE helps you easy find ores. After you install it and enter in game you will see that mostly blocks are invisible, except ores. In this world you will not have difficult with finding gold, diamond and another worth blocks. Yes! I understand to it is really cheat but if you want to have fun is good modification!

How works x ray texture?

At first, you will see two files to download. One makes gravel, stone and another blocks below the surface invisible. Of course, you can find ores very quickly and without problem!

Another file of x ray for Minecraft PE shows you only ores, chests, grass and trees. Another blocks are invisible.

When you will have the same situation as on screenshot below I recommend you just drink potion of night. It happens because become dark and blocks get very black color (as a result you cannot identificat them)

As you can see on picture below, you can very easy find diamond. Now you will not have problem with resources and spending a lot of time for this work. Just download this addon and turn on!

Also you can see and control your coordinate. I think it is great idea!

All blocks below the surface are invisible except for ores

DOWNLOAD: uselessxray.mcpack [365,9 Kb] (count: 37)

All blocks are invisible except for ores, crafting table, grass, trees and cheast

DOWNLOAD: uselessxrayplus.mcpack [366,09 Kb] (count: 35)

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