Dragon Mounts Addon

Dragon Mounts Addon for Minecraft PE will add 4 dragons, new powerful swords and strong armors, which will help you in battles. Each of dragon will be different and has unique armors, health, size, color, etc. You will be able to fly on the dragon and tame him as well.


  • you can equip the armor, just long press on the screen ( also you can equip saddle, chest )
  • each of dragon will spawn in different biomes ( mountain, in the end)

Aether Dragon
you will find him in the mountain and tame with golden apple
Fire Dragon
you will see him in mountain and tame with blaze rodEnder dragon
Find him in the End and tame with dragon egg
Ghost dragon
tame with bones

Water dragon
tame with fishLightning Dragon.
tame with beacon
download Dragon Mounts Addon for Minecraft PE 1.16+


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