Minecraft Reborn Add-on

Minecraft Reborn Add-on for Minecraft PE will add new blocks, potions, recipes, food and items. If you would like to provide more diversity in your game I really recommend you to try this addon.


  • over 15 new potions (give you levitation, absorption, health regeneration, etc)
  • new food
  • new items
  • weapon Potion sword
  • new blocks
  • new biome
  • new mobs

How to get potion?
/give @s potion:(potion effect) Dragon beacon is new block (Dragon beacon will give you jump boost, speed, slow falling)Beacon activator ( drop from pillagers)Beacon booster ( use it for activate dragon beacon and get extra effect protection )

new backgroundnew biomemobsweaponother new things

Download Minecraft Reborn Add-on for Minecraft PE 1.14
DOWNLOAD: minecraft-reborn.mcaddon [2.74 Mb]

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