Arkcraft Add-on

Arkcraft Add-on

Arkcraft Add-on for Minecraft PE will add new mobs, blocks and items into your world. You can get C4 with detonator, eggs with special abilities, pomegranate, etc. New mobs will be mostly denosaurs or mistic creators such like: Megaraptor, Ainiktozoon, Thorny dragon, Thorny demon and some of them you can ride.


  • more than 5 items and 5 blocks
  • more than 15 new mobs

what will be added?
new blocks:

  • Improved stone (easy to destroy)
  • Metal structure (hard to destroy)
  • Tek structure (very hard to destroy)

new items:
Oil Gallon: it will help you to make a lava cube only by the blast furnace2) Eggs: each of egg will give you some special ability3) Cementing paste: it is ingridient for another crafings4) Pomegranate5) C4 it is powerful TNT.some of new mobs

download Arkcraft Add-on for Minecraft PE 1.19 +


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