Portals addon

addon Portals for Minecraft PE will help you create portals and teleport from one to another. It can be fun and you much quicker can get your home.

How to craft portal?
recipe of portal controler ( will help you to open portal )
recipe of portal core ( will help you create and choose color of portal )

How to create the portal?
Hope you crafted 2 Portal Controllers, 26 Portal Frames, and 2 Portal Cores of any of the 5 colors. Now I teach you how to create portal.

at first put portal controller block on the ground
then build the frame ( take attension on the arrow which is on the controller block. This shows you how to build frames )
Well you are almost done. You need tap on Portal Controller with your selected Portal Core
After that you need create the same portal with the same collor in another place to teleporting

Download Portals addon for Minecraft PE 1.14 +


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