Hot Air Balloon Addon

Today I going to present you Hot Air Balloon Addon for Minecraft PE. It adds Air Balloon in your world. You have to create it,of course, you can get in him and give direction. Now you can move faster in your game because you do not need bypass obstacles like mounting, for example. Also, you will have fun when you fly and look what happen down. You can control your balloon with carrot on the stick.

How to create air balloon?

You need to know to mod blaze has replaced on air balloоn. So, if you want you can go in Nether and just try to find it. But, you can do easy work, you can make new world with creative mod and get blaze spawn eggs from your inventory. It is easily.

How to get in?

The next step is seat in your balloon. You have to come closer and make long tap on the shadow of balloon. (if you have Windows OS on your device you can change tap on right click

How to move up with balloon?

When you already stay in air balloon, you have to throw some eggs and it will move up,

How to give direction?

You need to get in your hand carrot on a stick and you can fly wherever you want.

Attention! It is absolutely normal when after about 30 seconds balloon begin fall down but in this moment you can throw some eggs ( like on the start ) and balloon came back to normal fly.

for version 1.0.5 +

DOWNLOAD: hotairballon_behavior.mcpack [934,35 Kb] (count: 8)

DOWNLOAD: hotairballon_resource.mcpack [961,41 Kb] (count: 11)

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