BetterBedrock Add-on

BetterBedrock Add-on for Minecraft PE will make your game really better. For example addon adds many new things into your game such as new mobs, ores, more realistic gameplay, cool weapons, blocks.

What this addon will add?

  • ruby ores and items
  • Cooper ingot, nugget, block.
  • ruby swords,
  • cooper swords,
  • mud block,
  • desert biomes.(if you stand on it you will slow)
  • Spiky block (if somebody will be ont his block then he will got damage)

new mobs

  • Alex zombie
  • Infected Zombies

New Generated Structures

  • Stalagmites
  • Oasis

Gameplay Features

  • Dynamic light
  • Temperature

Ruby will be new ores. You can find it in desert biomes.
this is not the end.

Addon changes a lot of old mobs and entities and improve them

DOWNLOAD betterbedrock addon for Minecraft PE 1,14/1.15


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