Mario Craft addon

Today I present you mod Mario Craft for Minecraft PE. It adds 4 new mobs from popular video game, which call «Mario». You can tame two of them and get really good friend. Mario will follow you and attack with you hostile mobs. Also you will see brother of Mario – Luigi, person who help – Toad and Bod-omb.

What the new mobs add?

At first, I want to start with Super Mario

He has changed by Skeleton and will have good attack. As usually, you can recognize him everywhere – because he always dress in red. Also you can tame him like a pet and survival with new friend in your Pocket Edition World.

You can tame him with any mashrooms

It looks awesome!


This is the brother of Mario. Different between them small. Luigi dress in green, has another sound and has another health and attack level.

You can tame him with any mashrooms


If you know this video game you can remember this mobs. They help Mario. Here they have replaved by villagers. Also you can trade with them.


Has replaced by Creeper and has the same functional like him. Always he try to kill you, remember that.

He looks like on this screenshot.

for version 1.0.5 +

DOWNLOAD: mariocraft-beh.mcpack [266,7 Kb] (count: 67)

DOWNLOAD: mariocraft-res.mcpack [921,39 Kb] (count: 57)


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