yStructures addon

yStructures addon for Minecraft PE will add different structures, ruins and dungeions around the world to your game. They will spawn automatically and randomly.


  • more than 10 structures will be genereted around your world
  • support the latest MCPE version

What structures will be added?
Villa on the beach.
This is good idea for house. Also you need to get in and try to find chest there.Mesa tower
Prepare to battle with monsters and bumped on many traps. But if you chalange it, you can find many treasure and chests.Desert fortification
You can find there many treasure, but be careful, because there will be zombie who defeat this place.Altar
You can find this structure in End. There will be different items to take.Village house
Would you like to go away from civilisation? you can choose this house and survive thereOutpostHouse in savannahCamp in taiga biomeand many other

Download addon yStructures for Minecraft PE 1.15 +


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