Jurassic Craft addon

Jurassic Craft addon for Minecraft PE adds 19 dinosaurs. Some of them you can ride, give the commands, tame, use like storage for saving items or he will help you with your enemies. You will see a lot new creatures with unique feature and many of them you can know from movie Jurassic Park

Now I try to describe you a little bit your new friends.

Most popilar question. FAQ.

How to tame him?

Take in your hand some meat, come close to dinosaur and make long tap. You will see new button «TAME» – put it. After then, he will follow you and attack hostile mobs.

How to ride dinosaur?

Take in your hand the saddle and make long tap on dinosaur. You will see new button «saddle» and tap it. After that take iron sword in your hand and make the same tap on dinosaur, you will see button «ride».

How to accelerate growth up?

If you try to find some big special dinosaur, you can find a small one and accelerate growth up with meat. How? Just feed him meet and you will see how quickly he will change in size.

How to save your items in dinosaur?

Ride on them and open your inventory. In the replacement your inventory you will see dinosaurs inventory.

Which dinosaurs adds this mod?


  • Save your items in him
  • Ride
  • You can give command sit or stand
  • Tame
  • Leasheble
  • If they need heal you can do it with meat



Indominus REX

You have to built him like a iron golem.


He has small size but is dangerous.


Mosasaurus & Tylosauros

They live under water.






Small dinosaurs





for Minecraft PE 1.0 +

DOWNLOAD: jurassic-craft-behaviors.mcpack [147,62 Kb] (count: 83)

DOWNLOAD: jurassic-craft-resources.mcpack [4,99 Mb] (count: 206)

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