Loginicum: All Mods and Animations

Loginicum: All Mods and Animations

Loginicum addon for Minecraft PE adds new animations and some staff from the game which is called Portal such as new mobs, motorcycle, portal gun, etc.

What will be added?
Loginigun Addon
You will see two new mobs from Portal game: Loginigun is hostile mob and will try to kill you. Another mob called Glayder, he will attack Logingun and protect you from him.

Milky Bees
This addon will change your bees and make them angry and hostile.

Loginicum Animation 1
Loginicum Animation 2
Loginicum Animation 3
Loginicum Animation 4
Loginicum Animation 5
Motocycle Addon
This addon will add cool bice into your game which you can ride of course. Do not forget about function which helps you save your stuff in the bike

3D Leaves Addon

Portal Addon
This one will add you a big portal gun. Just look below

Mega Mod
This for sborks of mods.If you want it just download below.

Downloads for Minecraft PE 1.15/1.16



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