Ender Mobs Addon

The Ender Mobs Addon for Minecraft PE will add new mobs into your world. All of them will be based on Nether style. You will see: ender panda, ender blaze, ender sheep, ender silver fish and ghost, spider, bee and many others. New mobs will spawn naturally and randomly around your world.

How to spawn new mobs?

  • you can create new world in creative mode and take their spawn eggs
  • you can also summon them by command below


  • new addon will change your old mobs to new “ender” mobs.
  • you will see more then 20 new mobs

Note that you can spawn ender whither with command:

some of the mobs you will be able to see below on screenshots

Download The Ender Mobs Addon for Minecraft PE 1.15/1.16 +


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