Respawn Anchors addon

Respawn Anchors addon is added new blocks crying obsidian and respawn anchor to your world. The idea of them was taken from from the Java Snapshot. Maybe Mojang will add it soon in new beta version, who knows? But you can just right now add them into your Minecraft and play!

What will be added?

Crying Obsidian
You can get it by two options:

  • with bartering from Pilglins
  • with command /give @s ra:crying_obsidian 1

Respawn Anchor
Use the commend /give @s ra:respawn_anchor to get it.below you can see how to craft it
How to use it?
Setting Up a Respawn Anchor

  • At first you need place a respawn anchor.
  • then you need drop glowstone dusn on the top of it. This action should activate respawn anchor.

Charging Up & Respawn Points
Did you know that for every charge, it increases the amount of light emitted from it? To charge;

  1. Grab some Glowstone blocks.
  2. Simply punch the top of the Respawn Anchor (where the swirly thing is), and then it will charge by one!
  3. Per charge, it will consume one Glowstone.
  4. Once it reaches the maximum charge, which is (4), punching it again will set your spawnpoint.
  5. If you die, you will respawn on top of it, consuming a charge everytime you die.
  6. Once the charge reaches zero, you can no longer respawn on it until you charge it. Defaulting to the overworld’s spawnpoint.
  7. Breaking it will also revoke your spawnpoint location in there, even when its fully charged.

do not forget TURN ON experimental gameplay

Respawn Anchors addon for Minecraft PE 1.16+


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