Reinforced GregTech Addon

Reinforced GregTech Addon

Reinforced GregTech Addon adds new mobs such as slenderman, markiplier, shootout pillager, etc. Some mobs you can tame and make them the best friends, who will help you fight with bosses. Addon also adds 3 dangerous bosses which you waiting your battle with you. Are you brave enough for fight?!


  • Addon adds 3 new mobs and 3 new bosses
  • new TNT
  • crafting recipes
  • you can use this addon as for creative as for survival mode

What will be added?
Hatsune Miku
New mob, 99000 health, spawn naturally
new mob, 500 HP, spawn naturally. You can tame her and she will follow you, protect you from hostiles. Look screenshots below

What the new bosses will be added?
Shootout Pillager
Wither colossa
Armoured Wither Skeleton
The Milk Stew will renew your hunger bar

Download Reinforced GregTech Addon for Minecraft PE 1.15/1.16 +


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