Kantai Collection Add-on

Kantai Collection Add-on will add new mobs from famose japanese game. The main charakter will be kanmusu the girl, who will fight with Abyssal. Also addon will add 2 planes.

how to use planes?
create new world with creative mod and find spawn egg in inventory. Hold iron ingot to fire once you got in the plane.turn on “Experimental Gameplay” & Allow cheats.


  • main features of this addon is that every mob will have own voice
  • mostly mobs will be dangerous and hostile

What will be added?
Destroyer ShimakazeBoku KawausoAbyssalBattleship Abyssal Pacific Princess2 planes

turn on “Experimental Gameplay” & Allow cheats.

download Kantai Collection Add-on for Minecraft PE 1.15/1.16
DOWNLOAD: kantai-collection-add-on.mcaddon [7.46 Mb]

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