addon Bits & Bytes: Wolves+

Bits & Bytes: Wolves+ addon will add more wolfs into your Minecraft PE. Totally it will add 19 new mobs and mostly of them will be spawn naturally around your world. Each type of wolf will be spawn in different biome. For example white or forst wolf in snowy biomes, Dire wolf in taigas, etc. Addon adds also many new items such as treats to recover the health of wolfs, dragon wolf treat, which will transform the wolf to a dragon, etc. Addon will add wolf armor.

below you can find screenshots from wolfs

New items
recover health of wolf
Maximizing Wolf Treat
it changes size of the wolf, he will be bigger
Normalizing Wolf Treat
return wolf to normal size
Phasing Wolf Treat
wolfs will teleport
Gelatinous Wolf Treat
it makes jump higher and no fall damage for wolfs
Wolf Treat Aquatic
they can swim under water
Dragon Wolf Treat
it transforms wolf into a dragon

download addon Bits & Bytes: Wolves+for Minecraft PE 1.15/1.16


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