Bedrock Jetpacks addon

Bedrock Jetpacks addon

Bedrock Jetpacks addon for Minecraft PE adds jetpacks into your world. Jetpack is a machine, which you need to wear on your back and you will be able to fly. There are 3 different jatpacks: diamond, gold and iron. They will have different speed and crafts. Fuel will be needed to Fuel your Jetpacks

How to get?

  1. create new world with creative mode and find it in the inventory
  2. or you can also craft it with recipes below

How to wear and fly?
hold it in your hand and crouch. To fly you have to crouch

How to craft jatpack?
Iron jatpack
Empty Iron ThrustersIron Thrusters
Gold Jetpack
Empty Gold Thrusters
Gold Thrusters
Diamond Jetpack
Empty Diamond Thrusters
Diamond Thrusters

download Bedrock Jetpacks addon for Minecraft PE 1.16 +

last Minecraft PE FULL version 1.16.40
last Minecraft PE BETA version


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