Mutant Zombie Addon

Mutant Zombie Addon
This addon will add new boss mutant zombie. New mob will replace old, vanilla zombies into your world. He will have strong attack, possibility to be alive again after death and can call for his friends to help him kill you.

What will be added?
As I said already instead of zombie you will see new mobs, which will more powerful and bigger. He will have 150 health, strong malee attack, he can invite his friends to help and he also has chance to drop new weapon hammer. How he looks like you can see below
Note that New Mutant Zombie will attack not only you, but also villagers. If he come to village he will kill every pure villagers, so do not let him do this.
Note that Mutant zombie has a chance to resurrection after death. So do not be relaxed once you killed him, because he can turn in life again.
New mob can drop the hummer. Very powerful weapon.

Turn on Experimental Gameplay!  

download Mutant Zombie Addon for Minecraft PE 1.16
DOWNLOAD: mutantzombieresource-p.mcpack [44.2 Kb]
DOWNLOAD: mutantzombie-behavior-p.mcpack [32.85 Kb]

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