Train addon

Train addon for Minecraft PE adds train in your game. It can ride only with rails. How you can use it? For example if you want move quickly or if you need transport your item or just save them. It is amazing new vehicle for your Pocket Edition and your World.

How to get the Train?

Okey. You have installed this mod. What is next? To get the train you have go in your world and try to find him. It is easy because the train has replaced by chicken. Or can go another way, you can create new world with creative mod and get the chicken spawner. It is more easy.

How to get in train?

You have to come to him very close and make long tap. You will see new button RIDE. Push on this button. Done!

Attention! Do not forget about rails because it is road for train and without it you cannot go.

On this screenshot you can see how is beautifull this vehicle.

How to control the train?

You have to hold in your hand coal to ride the train and give command about direction.

How to save your items in luggage in your train?

If you want to save your items or move them you have luggage for this thing. How to open it? Come close to train and snick, then make long tap and you will see new button OPEN, just push this button and you will see inventory.

DOWNLOAD: train-behaviors.mcpack [0 b] (count: 26)

DOWNLOAD: train-resources.mcpack [0 b] (count: 20)

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