GM Daewoo Tosca / Chevrolet Epica Addon

Addon will add two cars into your world GM Daewoo Tosca and Chevrolet Epica. Of course you will be able to drive cars. It helps you move quicker and get to home faster.

How to get cars?
you can create new world in creative mode and find cars in your inventory

How to drive?

  1. at first you should tame cars with Ink Sac
  2. Put saddle (key) in car inventory (you wil heart sound of the motor)
  3. you can put the chest in the car
  4. drive!

video instruction how to drive the cars?

screenshots you will see below

download GM Daewoo Tosca / Chevrolet Epica Addon for Minecraft PE 1.14/1.15


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