Auto Aiming addon

Auto Aiming addon will improve your bow, crossbow and trident. Now all your arrows will reach the target. You do not need take time to focus and find aim, just attack until creature die. It can be very useful when you around many monster and want quickly as possible kill them.


  • this addon will help you with auto aiming while you attack mobs with arrows
  • addon supports the latest MCPE version
  • addon works on local multiplayer (hope you do not use it as a cheat, but it is up to you)

How turn on auto aiming in your game?
It is easy! See on screenshot below. While you holding a bow for example you have to sneak. If you would like turn off auto aiming you have to do not sneak.

download Auto Aiming addon for Minecraft PE 1.14/1.15/1.16


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