Blokklings Addon

Blokklings Addon

Blokklings Addon adds new mobs into your game. They will look like living blocks. You will be able to tame them and they will help you. For example they can defend you, attack hostile mobs, help in mining, hunting and cultivating. Do you want to get such a friend? Of course want! so keep reading this article.


  • mobs spawn naturally around your world

how to tame new mobs?

  1. Lapis blokkling – apple
  2. Gold blokkling – gold naggets
  3. Redstone blokkling – redstone
  4. Diamond blokkling – diamond
  5. Iron blokkling – iron
  6. Emerald blokkling – emerald
  7. Obsidian blokkling – obsidian
  8. Dirt blokkling- wheat seeds

How to activate new abilities in mobs?

  1. Lapis blokkling – give him glass bottle
  2. Gold blokkling – equip him with a gold helmet
  3. Redstone blokkling – equip it with a torch
  4. Diamond blokkling – equip him with iron boots
  5. Iron blokkling – equip him with iron pick
  6. Emerald blokkling – equip him with emerald
  7. Obsidian blokkling – give him lava cube
  8. Dirt blokkling- give him oak bud

What does it mean new abilities? for example if you tame Gold blokkling and equip him with gold helmet then mob will have effect of absorption.


Changelog v2

-New animations
-New gadgets
-Levels for blokklings
-new texture
-fix bugs

download addon Blokklings Addon for Minecraft PE 1.14/1.15/1.16

last Minecraft PE FULL version 1.16.100
last Minecraft PE BETA version


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