Magical Books Add-on

Addon adds magical books to your world. They will give you special effects like levitation, regeneration, additional speed, etc. With them you can be more powerful and better. Addon adds also new materials.

How to get magical books?

  • you can craft them or get them by command:
  • /function Magical_Books_Addon_pack

Magical Stone
it is ingredient to most of craft recipes belowBook of Protection
it will give you resistance effectBook of Flight
it gives you levatations effectBook of Fire
you will get fire resistanceBook of Healing
you will get heal regeneration effectsBook of Momentum
Speed effect will be addedBook of Oceania
Effects – Conduit power II, Water breathing IBook of Bounce
you will jump higher
Download Magical Books for Minecraft PE 1.14/1.15/1.16+


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